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Myths about the Hamilton-Eedy lot

April 18, 2013

There are a number of myths that I have no way of substantiating- Ellen Hamilton (nee Collins) was from Cork, so obviously there is a family legend that she was a cousin of THE Michael Collins.  Related to this is the story that James was disowned by his family for marrying a Catholic- certainly his children were raised Catholic and his daughters married the Eedy brothers who were Catholic Irish immigrants.

There is a similar theme of the fall-out from a Protestant-Catholic marriage on the Eedy side of the family a couple of generations before this.  Again the man, Robert Eedy is the Protestant and his second wife Catholic.  They live on Eedy land, a farm (in Cork again).  The myth here is that she had their children christened in secret and the family then got asked to move to a house some distance away.  I will have to do some more work to be certain where the children were christened.  Not for the first time, I wish that so many Irish records hadn’t been destroyed!

But back for the moment to the Hamilton family- I mentioned in the previous post that there may have been a child born to Ellen and James before their wedding in 1864.  There is certainly a James Hamilton born in Q1 (so Jan-March) 1864 in Cardiff and his parents are called James and Ellen Hamilton, but Ellen’s maiden name in Fenton and on the 1871 census, baby James (and a second child, Ellen) are with grandparents in Roath.  I haven’t found the parents in 1871.  Everyone should have at least one middle name which they use consistently so they can be found generations later!  Sometimes you just have a feeling about what you find- I don’t think these identically-named people are related to mine!  Back to Cork’s birth records…

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