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1881 UK census

November 19, 2013

For anyone dipping a toe into family history a great free source of information is the 1881 census, and at the moment it’s the only one which is always completely free.  It’s available on several sites but I tend to use which has a good search facility.  I tested a family member with a very common name- Thomas Evans, gave a 5-year window for his name and the correct one was on the top few results.  Thomas George Evans, born 1875 was Ivy’s father, so he was my great grandfather.  He was born in Wellington, Shropshire as were most of his siblings but I haven’t found any online christening records to confirm this.  He lived at 27 Neath Yard Road, Llansamlet in 1881 but it doesn’t exist any more, so I’m not sure exactly where it is.  Looking at the area around Llansamlet it was all small collieries and canals and railway lines.  Probably the same as many square miles of south Wales at the time.  I wonder what they would make of us, with plenty to eat, gas central heating, few people with manual jobs like they would have known, life expectancy of over 80 and watching, tapping and prodding several interactive screens at once.  How bizarre.

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