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John Cane Bourne

January 5, 2014

ImageWorlds End Farm, Hellingly.

So I am still on the trail of John Cane Bourne (as in the last post).  I have had a more concerted look on and found some parish records confirming his three marriages.  When John marries Ann Cornwall (wife number 2, Brighton, 1833) both parties are listed as being widowed.  Being in Brighton is not surprising at all because his son born with wife number 3 lives in Brighton for his whole life, and it is about 30 miles or so from his birthplace of Hellingly but I can’t confirm that Philadelphia had actually died- there is no record anywhere of a burial for a Philadelphia Bourne or Goldsmith (her maiden name) or for anyone with a likely-looking mis-transcription.

The same is then true of Ann Bourne- no burial record. I have so far assumed that her first name is Ann, but a scout through possible marriages between an Ann and a Cornwall in Brighton reveals someone called Mary Ann Weller marrying a John Henry Cornwall in 1826 in the same church that Ann and John Cane Bourne get married in.  A John Cornwall does also die in Brighton in 1830.  It’s all a bit too circumstantial which is a pity!  On with the search…


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