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About me

I am Bea.  When I started this blog (a bit half-heartedly) I was 33 and it’s really because I enjoy writing but I didn’t want to publish a diary, and I don’t have enough ideas for fiction!  I started looking into my family tree about 7 years ago and am fascinated by the individual stories as well as the more general social history.

I like family history, reading, antique shopping, maps and walking my two dogs.  I also like reading the Saturday Guardian- I sometimes (well quite often) cheat on the quiz- and I love the idea of being glamorous so I read Vogue.

Since I have lived in Cardiff I have become more interested in how the city, and South Wales has developed and changed.  My (very small and slow) contribution is being a checker for the FreeCEN project to get the 1891 census free online.

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  1. Allen permalink

    Trawling through the Internet I came across your your notes on James Hamilton. With the information recorded it fits into what I know about my great grandfather, down to the details of his fathers occupation, the Eleys etc. although I have not studied heavily into my family’s past, except what is handed down knowledge, your article has filled a complete gap in my knowledge.
    his son Samuel James Hamilton was my grandfather,

    regards Allen Hamilon

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